Unlike the others.

A collection of Norse poetry about gods and heroes, Edda is a word tied to rebirth and optimism, which is just want we want our café and our coffees to represent. Our job is to wake you up, start your day, and breathe some positivity into a world that can always use more of it, all while presenting you the best coffees we can find.

We started roasting in spring of 2022 and opened a bustling, beautiful all-day café across from Cleveland’s iconic West Side Market, anchoring one of its busiest and most important corners. Our goal is to make specialty third wave coffee more approachable and less intimidating to the daily coffee drinker, while focusing on a lighter, brighter, cleaner profile in your cup. We delicately roast all our coffees to express the unique flavor profile of each coffee bean. We hope you find enjoyment in each one.

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We source beans from all over the world, from farmers and processors who take extra special care in their product, with the goal of finding the most interesting and unique flavor profiles.


We roast to a lighter profile than most other specialty coffee roasters, bringing out the clearest representation of the coffee itself, which is only possible when using the highest quality beans.


Our careful brewing process leads to the brightest flavors, a mild sweetness and a balanced finish in each cup.