Exclusive savings.

Our wholesale customers enjoy 50% off standard retail pricing — always.

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Great coffee.

In a sea of choices, what sets Edda apart? Our team has years of experience in sourcing and roasting each bean to achieve the best possible product. Every bag of Edda coffee is roasted to order, giving you the freshest, highest quality product you will find.

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Ingredients with integrity.

Crafted with love.

We only source coffee from partners with great relationships that provide living wages to farmers. We then start with small batch sample roasts to find the best coffee to give your customers, as we believe that offering great coffee is a phenomenal benefit to your business. After carefully selecting our coffee beans we go through multiple iterations to find the profile that best highlights the coffee’s innate characteristics. We then roast different profiles that cater to different brewing methods and appeal to all palates — from the casual consumer to the most sophisticated barista.

At Edda we are also data driven, utilizing roasting software that allows us to provide repeatable roasts that ensure you are getting the same great product every time you order — and we have the data to back it up. As a result of this data-driven approach, we are always learning and evolving our coffees and the best way to approach them. We track every single roast and use that data alongside tastings in a quality control loop to make every cup the best it can be.

Community Anchor

Our flagship café at Cleveland’s busiest intersection provides a beacon and a community grounding space for the greater community of Cleveland to gather and enjoy specialty coffee. Our baristas are privy to the whole process from green bean to that perfectly pulled espresso shot, which empowers them with a deeper understanding and appreciation of specialty coffee.

Service & Training

Hospitality is at the core of what we do, and part of that is making sure that your business thrives with ours. Need assistance selecting equipment? We’ve got you. Need help training your staff to brew that perfect cup? Our experts will work with your staff to ensure that your customers or employees know exactly what to do.

In the coffee world having equipment that is operating efficiently and reliably is very important. Our sales team can aid in selecting equipment, maintenance as well as emergency support.

Empowering Women

At Edda we are making space for women that have been traditionally boxed out from in the industry. Our female roasting team is blazing a trail in Cleveland and beyond and setting the standard for specialty coffee.